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Privacy Policy

Nest Art thank you for trusting and using our service. Nest Art is committed to keeping all customers’ personal and private information confidential. Please read more about the information security policies below to better understand the commitments that Nest Art will comply with and implement in respect and confidentiality of information. your privacy, privacy.

1. Purpose of collecting Customer’s personal information.

Nest Art collects your personal information through the Website: nestart.vn to serve you well more with services:

– Better customer support when buying products at Nest Art.

– Send notifications of exchange activities between customers and Nest Art.

– Contact and resolve Customer complaints.

– Confirm the information when Customers make transactions with Nest Art.

2. Scope of use.

We will use the personal information provided by the customer to contact the customer as needed under the forms such as: sending quotes, confirming orders, sending congratulatory letters, thank you letters, promotions, …

3. Storage time.

– Except for the case of using personal information as stated in this policy, we are committed to Will not disclose your personal information out.

– No time limit for information storage, except in case the Customer requests to cancel storing information to the Nest Art Governing Board.

4. People and organizations have the right to access Customer’s personal information.

In some necessary cases, the following individuals and organizations have the right to access and collect information. Customer’s personal:

– Nest Art’s Governing Board.

– The third party has an integration service with nestart.vn Website.

– Event company and sponsor.

– Competent state authority in the event of a request in accordance with the operating regulations.

– Market research company.

– Financial, legal and auditing advisory firm.

– Complainant proves Consumer violation.

– At the request of a competent authority.

5. Address of the entity that collects and manages Customer’s personal information.

– Name of unit: Nest Art Joint Stock Company.

– Office address: 7th Floor, 40 Pham Ngoc Thach, Ward 6, District 3, Tp. HCM.

– Phone: 02854 477 886 – 0904 477 886

– Email: info@nestart.vn

– Website: nestart.vn

6. Means and tools for consumers to access and edit their personal information data.

Consumers have the right to self-inspect, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by Log in to nestart.vn and edit your personal information or request the administrator to do this.

Consumers have the right to submit a complaint about the disclosure of their personal information to third parties to the Board of Directors . Upon receiving these responses, NESTART will confirm the information, it is the responsibility to respond to the reason and instruct the Consumer to restore and keep the information confidential.

Forms of receiving Consumer complaint information:

  • By email: info@nestart.vn
  • By phone: 02854 477 886 – 0904 477 886

7. Commitment to privacy of consumers’ personal information.

Personal information of Consumers on nestart.vn Website is committed to absolute privacy by the Administration Privacy policy is posted on the website nestart.vn.

The collection and use of information by each Consumer is done only with the consent of the Consumer Use except where otherwise provided by law and this rule.

Don’t use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to third parties personal information about the Consumer Use without Consumer’s consent except as provided in this regulation or the law.

In case of information server being attacked by hacker, leading to loss of personal data of consumers , The Board of Directors is responsible for notifying and working with the authorities to promptly investigate and handle, and to notify the Consumers of the incident.

Absolute security of all online transactions of consumers, including invoice accounting documents number.

8. Mechanism of receiving and resolving complaints related to consumer information.

When detecting that your personal information has been used for a wrong purpose or scope, Consumers send an email to appeal. Email info@nestart.vn or call (028) 544 77 886 – 0904 477 886 to complain and provide evidence related to the case to the Board of Management. The management commits to respond immediately or at the latest within 24 (twenty-four) business hours from the time the complaint is received.