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Handbook of bird's nest


Nest Art – The road to the United States

25th05, 2020

Handbook of bird's nest

Nest Art instant bird’s nest – The way to America

Nest Art – The first unit in Vietnam to bring instant bird’s nest products to Vietnamese consumers, helping many customers to solve problems such as time, nutrition, safety and convenience,…

tổ yến ăn liền

Many customers from businesses, organizations and individuals have chosen products of Nest Art as gifts or used for the special things that instant bird’s nest brings.

Not stopping at pleasing Vietnamese consumers, Nest Art also wishes to satisfy international guests – who are very attentive and careful in eating. And Nest Art has selected the United States as a special international guest to make the products of instant bird’s nest more widely known.

The United States is one of the countries that has a hard time importing goods, especially food – one of the most stringently tested items.

But with the quality assurance, full satisfaction of food safety certificates from reputable international organizations, the convenience has helped Nest Art instant bird nest pass rigorous testing rounds to “stalk”. into the United States.

And CMC Seafood is the official distributor of Nest Art in the US market.

About CMC Seafood.

CMC Seafood is based in California, USA, has more than 20 years of food experience and has been one of the leading US suppliers since 2001.

With quality management processes in accordance with food safety standards of GMP, SSOP, HACCP, ISO have been implemented, strictly controlled and improved at processing plants to help CMC Seafood create products. The product has the highest level of hygiene and freshness that can meet the most stringent requirements of any customer.

About Nest Art instant bird’s nest.

This is a product made from pure bird’s nest, 100% premium. After the nest is cleaned, it will be cooked, molded and dried using modern sublimation drying technology from the United States.


With this sublimation drying technology, the nutrients in the bird’s nest will be kept intact. You will only take a mere 5 minutes processing can be used immediately.

>> Learn more: What is instant bird’s nest? Uses of instant bird’s nest?

Certifications that Nest Art products have achieved:

ISO 22000:2005: Certification of Food Safety Management System of QUACERT. QUACERT certification is recognized worldwide. QUACERT is the first certification organization in Vietnam to gain direct international accreditation for certification programs.

HACCP: Certification of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control System of QUACERT.

GMP: Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices System of QUACERT.

FDA: American export certificate issued by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Certificate of Food safety eligibility of Food Safety Management Board of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.


Nest Art products are not only focused on quality, but also designed and improved packaging designs to meet the needs of customers.

tổ yến ăn liền lá dứa

Instant bird’s nest 16g

tổ yến ăn liền 6 vị

Instant bird’s nest 48g

tổ yến ăn liền nest art

Instant bird’s nest 80g

The main packaging with red and yellow; Express for luxury, courtesy and luck. The lines, details are carefully cared to help make the product more luxurious. The type of paper used to create boxes and containers is a special type of paper, water-proof and strong, able to withstand shocks during transportation.

Thanks to the quality of the product and the investment in the design, Nest Art instant Bird’s Nest has a complete “luggage” to come to the far-away America, halfway around Vietnam.



The first instant bird’s nest in Vietnam

Committed to bringing you quality products and the best shopping experience.

Office address: Floor 7, 40 Phạm Ngọc Thạch, Phường 6, District 3, Tp. Ho Chi Minh

Contact and order at:

Hotline: 028 544 77 886 – 090 44 77 886

Website: nestart.vn

Fanpage: facebook.com/nestart.vn

Nest Art Showroom System: Showroom Nest Art

E-commerce sites:

√ Tiki: Nest Art Shop

√ Shopee: Nest Art Shop

√ Lazada: Nest Art Shop

√ Sendo: Nest Art Shop

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  • Why choose reputable & experienced suppliers?

    “Price”, “Quality”, “Class & luxury”, “The impact of the product on customers & partners”, … are always issues that make you have a headache when choosing a supplier. gifts for business.

    The accompanying services, Whether or not the discount is attractive, also contributes to helping you choose a reputable gift supplier to help you solve your gift needs quickly and effectively. most fruit.

    Nest Art is committed to becoming a reliable – reputable – worthy partner.

  • Is the price of product better for bulk order?

    Nest Art gift sets place quality and reasonable prices on top to be able to meet the needs of Business gifts.

    Therefore, when businesses order in large quantities, Nest Art always has attractive discount policies for businesses that still maintain the product quality.

    Please contact Hotline: 02854 477 886 – 0904 477 886 for advice and receive the most preferential discount.

  • I really like Nest Art products on the website, can I buy them individually?

    In addition to the gift sets to meet the needs of customers and businesses; Nest Art also has products for instant bird’s nest, unprocessed bird’s nest and golden bird’s nest for customers to choose from.

  • Is product advice and implementation guaranteed?

    Nest Art always offers a wide selection of Gift Sets so that Customers & Businesses can flexibly optimize their budgets; at the same time to build Gift Sets in accordance with the needs and orientations of Customers & Businesses.

    Nest Art’s unique – meaningful – luxurious – quality gift products have received very positive feedback from partners, making their gift giving and gratitude programs more successful than expected. wait.

    Nest Art is committed to being a Prestigious – Reliable – Worth partner.

  • What is the quality of the gift set, is it different from other products from Yen on the market

    Nest Art is the first unit to bring to Vietnam the market of instant bird’s nest, taking just 5 minutes of processing, you will simply have a delicious cup of bird’s nest but still maintain the nutritional value of the bird’s nest. classy.

    All products from Nest Art’s Bird’s Nest go through strict processes from selecting materials, processing and packaging in accordance with the Food Safety Standards.

    Uniquely combining traditional Eastern bold techniques and modern production lines up to foreign standards, all Nest Art products retain their nutritious value as well as typical taste of the Group. natural nest.