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Handbook of bird's nest


No need to go to the street, sitting at home is still good resistance

25th05, 2020

Handbook of bird's nest

No need to go to the street, sitting at home is still good resistance

Increasing resistance for yourself and your family is the best way to protect your body. Especially in the current epidemic season. Restricting to the street helps reduce the risk of infection. However, to have a good resistance, you need to have a reasonable diet, full of nutrients and a moderation of activity.

tăng sức đề kháng cho gia đình

Here, Nest Art would like to introduce some ways to take care of your health, increase resistance at home for you.

1. Reasonable physical training and sports regime.

Currently, the gym, Yoga, Fitness, … are places where crowded people. Therefore, you need to limit to these places to exercise, to avoid the risk of infection and disease.

Instead, you can exercise at home with some simple exercises to help keep you mentally alert and healthier. One day you only need to spend 30 to 45 minutes a day to both improve resistance and have a strong body.

nâng cao sức đề kháng

Besides, you also need to rest on time, do not stay up too late to avoid affecting the body.

When you stay up late, especially after 12pm onwards there are a number of consequences:

– Nervous system: irritable, distracting, less sensitive, headache, memory loss

– Metabolic disorders: weight gain (obesity), hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular

– Digestive system: digestive disorders due to impaired function of the stomach and intestines

– Respiratory system: shortness of breath, shortness of breath, chest tightness.

2. Diet at home to increase resistance.

The translation days like this, surely you are afraid to go to the market, go to the supermarket, go to the market to buy food and drinks. However, you also need to prepare some food stored in the refrigerator to use gradually.

Here are some foods you should prepare to be able to strengthen the resistance.

a) Foods containing essential vitamins.

In order to increase resistance, experts have shown that adequate vitamins A, C, and D.

tăng sức đề kháng

You can supplement with vitamin A by using vitamin A medicine, eat carrots, pumpkin, … Vitamin C will be found in citrus fruits, guava, kiwi … Vitamin D supplementation by using the medicine that helps vitamin D.

Here are some fruits and foods that contain essential vitamins for the body:

– Citrus fruits, tangerines

– Red bell peppers: contain 2 times more vitamins than citrus fruits.

– Broccoli: contains abundant amounts of vitamins A, C, and E.

– Ginger, nuclear fruit, papaya, sweet potato, turmeric, garlic,…

b) Beef, seafood.

Beef contains a large content of Zinc, which helps prevent some viral diseases. Zinc also helps the body create white blood cells, which helps to strengthen the body’s resistance.

tăng cường sức khỏe

Do not forget to include some types of seafood in your daily menu, such as clams, oysters, snails, mussels, oysters, shrimp, fish, … These types of seafood are rich in protein, phosphorus, vitamins. Iron, Zinc, … very beneficial to the body.

nâng cao sức khỏe bằng hải sản

c) Honey.

One of the common effects of honey is anti-inflammatory, which alleviates common throat symptoms such as sore throat, burning pain, itchy throat – the original cause of pneumonia. You can add a little honey to lemon, orange juice, drink every morning to improve your immune system.

tăng sức đề kháng cho cơ thể

d) Bird’s nest – a solution to increase resistance effectively.

Bird’s nest contains more than 50% protein, 18 amino acids and more than 31 trace elements. Including many essential amino acids but the body can not synthesize, such as:

– Isoleucin: is an essential amino acid, the body cannot synthesize itself. Participate in the process of restoring health, protecting the body from infection.

– Leucin: This is an essential amino acid, the body cannot synthesize itself. Used in the production of protein for the body.

– Threonine: is an essential amino acid, the body cannot synthesize itself. Good for the liver, strengthening the body’s immune system.

chế biến yến sào

Besides, other amino acids also participate in the process of enhancing health, resistance for the user’s body.

In particular, during this epidemic phase, the use of bird’s nest will help you and your loved ones in good health to fight the disease.

>> Learn more: Why can bird’s nest help enhance resistance?

However, the usual swallow’s nest will take a lot of processing time. It usually takes 60 to 120 minutes depending on the dish you need to make from bird’s nest. This makes you take a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, you can use Nest Art instant bird’s nest products. It only takes you 5 minutes to process simple and quick to get a cup of delicious oats.

Instant bird’s nest is made from premium bird’s nest, using modern sublimation drying technology from the United States to dry the product while retaining its intact ingredients.


More specifically, instant bird’s nest has 6 flavors for you to choose, you do not need to think about what to cook from the nest.

To help you avoid going out and still improve your resistance at home, Nest Art has a home delivery team. You only need to order online and you will receive immediately a quality product.

Nest Art instant bird’s nest has achieved all food safety certificates from International Organizations, so you can use it to enhance the body’s resistance.


>> Learn more: The effects of instant bird’s nest in increasing resistance.


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