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Handbook of bird's nest


Note eat edible bird’s nest for health

25th05, 2020

Handbook of bird's nest

Note eat edible bird’s nest for health

In order to maximize the benefits of bird’s nest, you need to know the note about how to eat bird’s nests most effectively. So, how to eat bird’s nests best for health?

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Let Nest Art learn the extremely important notes below. Please share with friends and relatives to get this useful information offline!

1. How much to eat bird’s nest is enough?

According to scientific studies, bird’s nest contains more than 50% protein, 18 amino acids, 31 trace elements. In particular, there are many essential amino acids but the human body can not synthesize itself.

Therefore, when using bird’s nest, you will be provided with an abundant amount of nutrients. Help the body develop healthy, increase resistance against diseases.

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However, is it good to eat bird’s nest? The answer is NO. When you eat too many bird nests at once, the nutrients will not be absorbed. Just cause waste just cause heavy stomach, indigestion.

So “eating bird nests how much is enough?”

Depending on the location of each person will have the appropriate amount of bird’s nest. According to experts of Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition, each person should only use 5-8g of bird’s nest once to make the best effect of bird’s nest.

– For people who have just got up: It can be used 4-5 times / week for bird’s nest to take effect and help restore health.

– For normal people: use 2-3 times / week to maintain good health.

– For children: children from 7 months of age and older can use bird’s nest.

>> Learn more: The dosage of bird’s nest should be used by young children.

– For pregnant women: pregnant from the 3rd month onwards, pregnant women can use bird’s nest.

>> Learn more: Effects and processing nutritious bird’s nests for pregnant women.

2. Should eat bird’s nests at the best time?

Bird’s nest soup can be processed with a variety of different materials to promote the best use.

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However, you should also note the golden times to eat bird’s nest. These will be the times when the nutrients in the bird’s nest are best absorbed.

a) Eating bird nests in the early morning.

In the early morning, when you are hungry, your body needs to recharge to start a new activity day. Therefore, a cup of rock sugar or oatmeal swallow nest will help you to be more alert, more complete energy.

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These snacks will help the body absorb the fastest, most effective nutrients in bird’s nest. Help you increase energy for a new day to work effectively, refreshed spirit.

>> Learn more: The simplest dishes from bird’s nest.

b) Note to eat bird nests before going to bed.

You should eat bird nests before going to bed about 30-45 minutes. So “Why eat oats before going to bed?”

Because this is the dinner time has been absorbed by the stomach, so when eating oats will not feel heavy stomach. At the same time, after eating, you can rest immediately so nutrients will be absorbed best.

c) Eat bird nest between 2 main meals of the day.

If your main meal is noon and evening, you need to determine the time to eat bird’s nest between 2 meals. If your lunch at 12pm, dinner at 19h then you should eat oats at 15h to 16h.

At this time, the amount of food in the main meal has been consumed, the pressure of work will make you feel hungry. The source of energy from bird’s nest is provided in time, helping your body eliminate fatigue, reduce stress, and keep you feeling refreshed. You will love your work.

d) A few small notes when you eat bird nests.

With bird’s nest, you can process a lot of different dishes with different ingredients. However this will take quite a while. If you want to be simple and fast, Salanganes’Nest sugar will be the best choice for you.

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You should use the bird’s nest regularly according to the above-recommended dosage so that the bird’s nest will take full effect. Do not use intermittent, so will not be effective. Occasionally you may increase the dose.

Quick tip:

The time of day you use almost all for work, you do not have much time to process oats. You also do not have too much time to prepare delicious food, enough nutrients for the family.

Don’t worry, you can use Nest Art instant Bird’s Nest products. It only takes you 5 minutes to have a delicious, nutritious bird nest.

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Products of instant bird’s nest have been fully certified by international organizations, so you can rest assured to use.

Moreover, instant bird nests have also been imported directly through the official channels and the US market – a country that strictly controls food imports.


>> Learn more: What is instant bird’s nest? Effects and types of instant bird’s nest.



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