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Handbook of bird's nest


Notice Nest Art Store is back in operation

25th05, 2020

Handbook of bird's nest

Notice Nest Art Store is back in operation

Dear Customer,

Nest Art Joint Stock Company would like to announce that it will open the entire Showroom System nationwide from April 27, 2020 after a period of implementing social spacing in accordance with the Prime Minister’s instructions.

Operating time of the Showroom: from 8:00 am to 21:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday.

>> View details: Nest Art Showroom system.

thông báo nest art

In addition, to ensure the safety of customers in this period, Nest Art will continue to take some measures as follows:

– Conduct temperature measurements and prepare a dry hand sanitizer for you at all Nest Art Showrooms. Dry hand sanitizer is located at the reception.

– You need to wear a mask when shopping at Showroom.

– Cleaning and disinfecting Showroom area continuously.

In addition to shopping directly at the Showroom, Nest Art also has an online shopping form at the website, Fanpage and prestigious e-commerce platforms.

1. Website:nestart.vn

2. Fanpage:facebook.com/nestart.vn

3. E-commerce websites:

√ Tiki: Nest Art Shop

√ Shopee: Nest Art Shop

√ Lazada: Nest Art Shop

√ Sendo: Nest Art Shop

* Note: For orders worth from VND 600,000, you will receive FREE DELIVERY nationwide.

Benefits of shopping online with Nest Art:

– Do not have to move a lot on the road, ensure safety and avoid erratic weather changes.

– Save time, gasoline.

– Avoid crowded places, crowded people to ensure safety for yourself.

– Be proactive in time because you can order anytime, anywhere.

– Get online support, fast, dedicated support.

– Accurate and clear product information.

– 100% quality products.

– Sign up for membership to receive exclusive offers tailored for Nest Art members.

phòng tránh corona hiệu quả

Nest Art Joint Stock Company would like to sincerely thank our customers. Wish you will have a great shopping experience at Nest Art.

Wishing you and your family lots of health and more success!



The first instant bird’s nest in Vietnam

Committed to bringing you quality products and the best shopping experience.

Office address: Floor 7, 40 Phạm Ngọc Thạch, Phường 6, District 3, Tp. Ho Chi Minh

Contact and order at:

Hotline: 090 44 77 886

Website: nestart.vn

Fanpage: facebook.com/nestart.vn

E-commerce sites:

√ Tiki: Nest Art Shop

√ Shopee: Nest Art Shop

√ Lazada: Nest Art Shop

√ Sendo: Nest Art Shop


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